The Message is the ambitious and groundbreaking new novel by Yan Vana, the book that will change the way you look at humanity’s role on our planet. At once thought provoking, then progressively disturbing, this novel weaves a clever and deceptively subtle tale that questions many of our preconceived beliefs.

Vana’s book is an original blend of fantasy and science fiction that deals with the very real issue that governments, and people in general, seem reluctant to discuss… the increasing problem of overpopulation!

Acclaimed by both science fiction readers and environmentalists, it is the novel that Jonathan Porritt, the former Director of Friends of the Earth, described as “… a bold concept” and “… an increasingly compelling narrative.”

This book tells a story that will stay with you long after the final page is turned!

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“It’s 3am and I have just read this book from start to finish. If you are reading this review then you already know what the book is about. Trust me, you don’t really. This book has moved me to tears, deep shame and even a little despondency. I don’t agree with all that is stated in the book but I firmly believe this should be required reading in all schools in the world. Maybe every human on this planet. It’s a shame that even that wouldn’t be enough.” – Amazon Review, 24/02/2022


The novel tells the story of an official inquiry into the wanton destruction of a vast protected nature reserve. As the inquiry begins, the first witnesses give evidence of the extent of the damage and later witnesses identify those responsible.

The Message by Yan Vana

As the plot unfolds, it becomes apparent that the inquiry is being undertaken by regulators from other galaxies who have responsibility for the protection of nature reserves throughout the cosmos.

Although in novel format, The Message is a surprisingly comprehensive summary of the problems caused by overpopulation. It brings most of the available knowledge of overpopulation together in one place, using fantasy and science fiction to transform a broadly unpalatable topic into an absorbing narrative.

And what makes this story even more unique is that, unlike most other fictional works about environmental issues, it is written not from man’s point of view, but from that of the other occupants of the planet.

“What a wake up call this very different book turned out to be! If you enjoy superbly descriptive, emotively written stories in which reports of factual style investigations as well as personal journal entries play key roles, then you’ll probably love it – I know I did!”

The Message does more than provide an absorbing, entertaining and highly original read. It will take you on a surprising journey, one that will leave you questioning much of what you thought you knew.

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The Message by Yan Vana

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... that will change the way you look at humanity's role on earth!

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