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“Microplastics have been found at 8,440 metres (27,690ft) on Mount Everest. Is there anywhere on this earth we haven’t spoilt?”

Other thoughts of Yan Vana

“Think about it. Coronavirus is the inevitable result of overpopulation.”
“We talk about saving the planet for mankind. Shouldn’t we be talking about saving the planet from mankind?”
“Humans really believe they have the right to do whatever they want.”
“If you think the answer to the planet’s problems is a low energy light bulb and growing corn to make oil, then think again.”
“Everyone I meet privately agrees that population growth is a problem. So why is no-one prepared to say so publicly?”
“Pandemics are an inevitable consequence of overpopulation.”
One planet to another: “You don’t look well, is anything wrong?”
Other planet: “I’ve been suffering from a bad attack of homosapiens.”
First planet: “Yes, I’ve had that. Nasty isn’t it? Don’t worry it doesn’t last long.”
“There is hardly a problem that can’t be traced back to Human overpopulation.”
“With over 7 billion of us on this small planet, it is impossible to prevent infectious diseases spreading.”
“Overpopulation will destroy us unless we start doing something about it now.”
“Two hundred years ago there were just one billion of us. Fifty years ago, it was three billion. Now its seven billion. How many more of us do we think the planet can support?”
The Message by Yan Vana