Abortion And Overpopulation: Letter To Trib Live

Abortion And Overpopulation: Letter To Trib Live

Abortion And Overpopulation: Letter To Trib Live

In response to a letter on the subject of ‘right to life’, the following letter was submitted to Trib Live and published on December 7, 2023.

“I have one question for the writer of ‘Unborn Americans have right to life’ (Nov. 28, TribLive) and other ‘right-to-lifers’: Would you really choose an unborn life over your own? Because really, that is the choice. Nature is cruel, and if we don’t do something to limit our population, nature will, by wars, starvation and disease. Climate change is already here and will ultimately kill everyone, born and unborn. We deny the problem and go on driving ever-bigger cars and heating ever-bigger houses. Climatologists are nearly 100% agreed on this. They are the experts, not Fox News or politicians.

Overpopulation is killing us. We need to start getting real about this problem, and I ask, where better to start than those who aren’t yet born and are unwanted by the parents?

“The solution is two-pronged; we also need to stop fighting renewable energy sources to protect the profits of the oil companies who donate so heavily to the Republican Party. And maybe conserve a little bit? Do you really need that pickup or over-powered sports car?

“Many of the people who object to abortion also object to birth control, which is the best (realistic) way to obviate abortion. Many abortion detractors are inspired by religious ideology, which is an inappropriate imposition onto the the public domain. If there is a God, he is indeed a cruel one, who takes many unborn lives by disease, yet insists that we preserve every life. And yet he has provided us with a very small space to accommodate all these lives.”

Fred Durig – Belmont, Pennsylvania

Trib Live is an online news source for Western Pennsylvania, USA. It is owned and operated by Trib Total Media.

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