Malta’s Opposition Leader Says Overpopulation Root Of All problems

Malta’s Opposition Leader Says Overpopulation Root Of All problems

Malta’s Opposition Leader Says Overpopulation Root Of All problems

Malta’s opposition leader Bernard Grech this week said that overpopulation is the root of all problems currently facing the country. The Nationalist Leader also claimed that the Maltese government is hiding the country’s true population figures and called for Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo to resign from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

“The population has grown substantially and nearly doubled since 2013, and that is because for this government the importation of foreign workers is the only solution to its shortcomings in the economic sectors,” said Grech.

Grech was speaking during a debate of the Budget estimates of the Office of the Prime Minister, where he told parliament: “There are two possible situations: either the government is hiding the true numbers of the population, or it does not know who is entering and leaving the country.”

Grech stated that the overpopulation crisis was causing a number of the country’s public sectors to falter. He asked: “Why are we regressing not advancing in so many sectors in this country?”

“We saw a €700 million investment in the country’s infrastructure, but despite all that money, we still get stuck in traffic,” he said. “Instead of a race to the top, we have a race to the bottom.”

Bernard Grech called for a renewal of Malta’s economic model to restore the country’s reputation and make it attractive to investors.

Malta is the world’s tenth smallest, but fifth most densely populated country. At the time of writing, Malta’s population sits at 535,000, a 134 per cent increase since 2000. At 316 square kilometres, the Mediterranean island has a population density of 1,693 people per sq km, four times that of India.

Malta's Opposition Leader says overpopulation root of all country's problems

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